HVAC Services in Brisbane and Queensland

We have HVAC expertise and experience

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) can be a truly complex area for the maintenance specialist.  HVAC can involve:

  • Heating from as small as a pie hot-box,  to keeping oil at a specified  temperature when a compressor isn’t running
  • Ventilation from safety in car-parks of noxious gases, removal of smoke or oils in kitchens
  • Air Conditioning from cooling your home, work place or even a public space like a large shopping center. In smaller places we start with split systems and from there go up to AHUs(Air Handling Units) AHUs do all of the above they have sensors ranging from temp (heating and cooling) CO2 (ventilation) for as simple as a cinema.

ESOPS has expertise in all of these HVAC applications and can help you with maintenance and repairs at any time – call us!